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Browser as Workspace

Nov 05, 2014

You know procrastination is wrong. You know that you shouldn’t waste time on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit during working hours. How can you avoid distraction and create an environment that boosts productivity? One of the tips I’ve been practicing is using a separate browser for personal and professional workspaces.

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The Most Distracting Menu Bar Status

Oct 11, 2014

The most distracting menu bar status is the remaining battery life. It creates anxiety. It seeks attention. It stops the flow of time. It’s a little parasite that chows away your focus without you realizing it.

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Detailed Time Tracking with RescueTime

Sep 08, 2014

How to measure productivity? How to tell if you’re productive? While you can limit the time spent on time-wasting sites, does that mean you’re productive? The only way to answer these questions is by tracking the time you work in front of computer.

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Waste No Time

Sep 03, 2014

Most people treat time as an infinite resource because they don’t have to earn it. So we’re caught in the sea of endless information and entertainment made possible with the Internet connection. If we track the time spent on each activity, we can learn how from our habit and use it to encourage us to spend time wisely.

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Scratches as Memories

Jan 14, 2014

Admit it. You’re annoyed when you see a crack on your gadgets. If you deny it, try to create one on your iPhone.

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Not Tweeting

Oct 02, 2013

Compared to few years ago when I just started out using Twitter, the frequency of my tweets have hit rock bottom. What it used to be at least five tweets a day becomes one tweet a week.

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The Mind

Jun 23, 2013

Don’t stop the mind. Don’t let the mind run wild. Don’t try to take over the mind. Watch over the mind.

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This Is…

Jul 10, 2012

Every emotion you feel can be neutralized with “This is …”.

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Slave’s Desire

May 01, 2012

One doesn’t merely allow desire to take control of himself. Becoming aware of self, acknowledging the existence of ego, and continuously look into the origin of desire can allow one to see the impermanence and unsteadiness of desire.

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Care Less

Nov 11, 2011

Children can be so carefree is simply because they care less.

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