Children can be so carefree is simply because they care less.

The problem with adulthood is we care too much. We care too much how people will view us as an individual. We care too much how successful other people compared to us. We care too much how cool other people compared to us.

We care too much so we stop to learn.

We lose ourselves in the midst of this world where majority determines how we should act and behave. And this pattern has caused us to follow and act according to what is being shown by media such as magazines, televisions, and internet. This behavior has hijacked our mind to make a choice.

When was the last time you make a choice without considering how others will react to your decision? Probably a long time ago.

When was the last time you failed to make a choice because you were afraid of how your family or friends would show resentment or disagreement? Probably, just a few minutes ago.

Including other people, especially those who are influenced by your choice, in making a choice is still important. You can’t probably make a selfish choice easily if it’ll hurt or cause pain to related party. But when you start to include those people who aren’t influenced by the choice you make, you’re simply making thing difficult to yourself.

You forget to consider the most important person for the choice you make. You forget yourself. A choice made to please other people or to avoid disagreement won’t make you feel happy. Those happiness is empty. It’s simply a lie to make you feel better for not trusting yourself.

If you want to make a choice, start to care less.

Remove as many unrelated factors as you can in the choice you make. Stop having delusion that the world will pinpoint out every small changes you make. Stop bothering how your friends will react to your choice.

Happiness is a choice. You pay the choice with responsibility in exchange for happiness, commitment for satisfaction.

It’s not possible for a sad person to bring happiness to the people around him.

I believe, the key to happiness is to be a better you. It’s not a goal, I’d rather call it an attitude. It’s a constant growing and learning. It starts from inside, expresses to outside.

The key is stop finding excuses, become a better you.1

  1. The worst advice you can receive is probably “Just be yourself”.