It was one usual morning. I was on the way to work. I stepped into the bus and got myself a comfortable seat. It was pleasant because the bus was spacious.

Commuting is boring. Sitting alone in the bus without your friends is boring. Watching the people come in and out is not interesting. Some people were sleeping, some people were busy with their gadgets, some people were just like me, sitting with blank thought.

“Gadgets will turn all this boring commuting interesting.”

I don’t own smartphone, my phone can’t even access internet. Twitter is out of options. I don’t own portable console. Gaming is out of options.

I stopped a while looking at the opposite windows. Watching the trees and leaves, the clouds and the skies.

A simple question suddenly comes to my mind. When did I stop admiring the nature? When did I stop having curiosity towards nature?

The color of the leaves can tell us many things. People used to tell the change of season by just looking at trees. The leaves tell many stories, from the new grown leaves to the dying leaves. It manifests the natural cycle of life.

The fragrance of flowers surpasses the most expensive perfume in the world. I used to walk along the small bumpy road with many wild flowers grown in other people’s yard. The natural color of red, white, yellow, and violet still resides in my mind.

Watching the clouds drifting slowly during the day from the windows while laying down displays the simple form of tranquility. The blue sky and white clouds, the simple beauty of nature that has been neglected for a while.

Arriving to my destination, I’ve been paying attention to the color and shape of leaves, the color of sky and the movement of clouds. The warm of sunlight is so precious after forty minutes admiring the beauty and color of nature.