What if you don’t own gadgets. What if you own gadgets without internet connection.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re connected to internet or not. There are times where you should be connected. And yet, there are many times where you’re supposed to be present in real life, the moment you should take a good look at the people and surrounding.

When you’re hanging out with your friends. Engage in the whole process. Ask about their hobbies, thoughts, and interests. Tell them yours, converse with them

Hold your parents’ hand. Tell them about your day, tell them what you’ve encountered today. Share what you’ve learned today. You don’t really have much time to spend with them anymore. Hold their hands like how they used to hold your hands.

When you’re attending concert. Listen to the music. Feel everyone excitement in the hall. Stop recording or taking picture with your digital camera. Get excited at that moment.

It’s not gadgets or internet. It’s the matter of choice.