When was the last time you immerse yourself in a conversation? A conversation that is simply for fun. A conversation where you’re being yourself. A conversation where you use your speech instead of touchscreen to express yourself.

A conversation is more than just typing a message and send it to your friends. It’s more than just BUZZing your friends. It’s more than just giving a phone call to your family. It’s more than just a simple LIKE button.

A conversation, I think, should incorporate expression, emotion, and interaction. It’s something expressive, just like writing, to convey your thought and opinion. The only difference is you’re given less time to think. You have to be spontaneous.

I’ve been having a lot of conversation with my family recently. We talked about why I haven’t found a job. I discussed with my sister-in-law about disciplining my niece. My sister and I would argue about her diet. I would complain the way my mum cook.

The conversations I mentioned are fun and exciting. I love how my sister sulks her face when I mention about her diet. I also enjoy the my mum’s laughter when she manages to tease me. I like the way my 2 years old nephew throwing tantrum when I don’t give him the food he wants.

So, when you hang out with your family or friends next time. Put down your gadget and have a conversation. This time, with your eyes on them, not on the non-living gadget.