As someone who has experienced the life without internet connection, I find the way people spending their time has changed a great deal.

Companion is no longer the factor within consideration. In fact, most people prefer to spend their time watching people creating noises.

Coming from a small town where commuting took less than 15 minutes from one place to another. I could visit several places in one day. Despite the lack of entertainments, my friends and I could create our own fun and laugh every day. You can barely experiencing boredom.

We had this basketball court in one of the corner in town. And this basketball court, a place where teenagers gathered each afternoon was the place full of memories and experiences. Many people met their friends, their love, and their enemies there.

Sometimes I preferred to find a corner, sitting down while sipping a bottle of mineral water and watch how the older played prank on the younger kids, fighting each other, or simply swearing.

Occasionally, we would visit beaches. While waiting for everyone preparing what they called barbecue party, I would take a good look at my surrounding. I still remember warmness of the sun while hiding in the shade, the flawless pile of sands covering my feet, and the calming sound of sea breeze towards the land.

The most important thing is you know your friends are there doing their own activities. Whether we played together or not, simply knowing they were there was enough.

Despite all the people living in this big city. We rarely spend time with people. We rarely care about people. We rarely talk with people. We rarely pay attention to people.

By the end of day, the memory you wished you’ve created is not about how much reblogs you’ve gotten on Tumblr, friends you’ve made on Facebook, number of followers on Twitter, and number of contacts in your BlackBerry Messenger List.

How do you create memory?

I can tell you one thing for sure. You don’t create it with toys.