Save time by automating simple tasks.

Tyro is designed for the apprentice in Keyboard Maestro. You will receive a group of macros that solve simple problems with built-in actions. Learn how to build an efficient macro by watching how it is built.

Manage application windows with ease.

Set default window size for each application. Arrange windows side to side by snapping them to the left and right. There are 1/3 and 2/3 templates that you can choose by default.

Create and share beautiful screenshots with macOS built-in shortcuts.

Impress your coworkers and friends with beautiful screenshots — right from your fingertips. Use your favorite wallpaper as the screenshot background.

Quickly find and replace text without switching to text editor.

Save time by replacing only found text in the selected paragraph. Stop wasting time switching to a text-editing applications just to find and replace a block of text.

General Questions

What is Keyboard Maestro?

Keyboard Maestro is an application that lets you automate tasks that you usually do with macOS. It can virtually do everything that you've been doing with a user-friendly interface.

Do I need to know how to code to take advantage of Keyboard Maestro?

No. Keyboard Maestro is packed with many built-in actions that are simple enough for anyone who can use macOS to build macros that can save time.

Do I need to buy Keyboard Maestro to use these macros?

Yes, you must own Keyboard Maestro if you wish to use these macros. I have saved more than 500 hours with macros, and I recommend that you check it out even if you don't plan to buy it yet.