I’ve never expected writing will become part of my life. I started writing when I had internet access in 2007. That was the time when I didn’t even know that “I” should be capitalized.

I’ve made numerous amount of mistakes. But, no one read my writing that time. No pressure, so I keep writing. Writing makes me think and I enjoy arranging my thought into a piece of writing.

The thought of making living through writing has never occured before. I didn’t have any plans after graduation. The only plan was to accept any job available that doesn’t require long commuting while continue writing and learning UI/UX design.

This is what I’m going to share with you.

I’ll be working at MakeMac with Kuswanto and Fauzan to bring the latest news, tips, and review to Indonesia Apple community. It’s a huge step for me. It’s an act to pick up responsibility and start doing the right thing.

The right thing, following my own principle, is to select and bring the most significant writing to people. The writing that matters and adds value to people.

In one of the latest post by MG Siegler, he revealed the current state of tech blog.

Most are stories written with little or no research done. They’re written as quickly as possible. The faster the better. Most are just rehashing information that spread by some other means. But that’s great, it means stories can be written without any burden beyond the writer having to read a little bit and type words fast. Many are written without the writer even having to think.

Rumors is one of them. Most of the writing are done to generate page views. Because page views are the main reason why advertiser would pour all their money into your blog, most writers are hired to generate page views.

We can’t change this. Just like how we can’t control people spending their money, we also can’t control how people spend their time.

MG Siegler nailed it,

I offer no solutions because my honest opinion is that nothing will change where we’re headed. Increasingly, there are two realities in the technology space: 1) reality 2) “reality”.

MakeMac aims to be the number one Mac and iOS resources for Indonesia Community. We may follow the same trend, feeding some junk information, aiming for page views.

Personally, I’ll strive for writing that’ll add value to people. Even if I need to feed junk information, I’ll try make it healthy for people.