What to write? And for who do I write?

I rarely write about myself. I don’t think the visitors of this site would like find out more about me. If I analyze the keyword and the top content of my site, I’m sure that my visitors don’t care about personal post. Yeah, I said so because I myself don’t care who is the writer behind a blog if I visit it from searching Google. It’s one of the habit unless you know me personally in real life.

If you are one of this site readers. Thanks, it’s my honor. And I’d like to get know my reader more.

More or less, some of you might be a fans of certain blog. When I was learning how to design, my feed would be full of design blog. And it was huge scale of list post every day published.

It was tiring.

So if you are in that state, be it design blog or lifestyle blog. If you can’t cope up with them. Limit yourself to 3-4 blogs.

And once more, don’t just follow what the blogger writes. You know better about what your needs and lifestyle. If you think what you are doing now works well. Don’t change. It’s your life and you decide how to live it.

Choose wisely what to read and what to follow. No one know better about you, and it’s about you and people around you. Being a follower of some blogs or guide is to discover more options in life. And the choice is yours.

If you have question or want to know a certain topics, let me know. I will try to discover it and share with you what I find.