When you enable the Daily Notes feature in Obsidian, it will create a new file in your selected location. The number of files can grow too big if you’re actively using Obsidian to take notes, so I use Hazel to create a rule to organize these notes into subfolders.

Ideally, I only want to see today’s daily note in the sidebar and keep the rest of the older files in a separate folder. So here is how I come up with this Hazel rule to manage the files in the daily notes directory.

I decided to use YYYY-MM-MMM for the date-created pattern because I want them to stay sorted by the file system. I also find that the subfolder pattern allows me to expand the search query when I want to locate the daily note on a certain date. For example, I can type “2022 Jan 22” or “2022-01-22” to search for the file created on that date.