Living without Facebook

I can see most of the people spend most of their time on Facebook. Perhaps you are also one of the people who are currently logged in Facebook.

I was addicted to Facebook. I use “addicted” because I had the urge to log into Facebook whether I was busy or free. You know there is nothing new or interesting in there, but you will at least take a peek at your Facebook stream, expecting something. Something you don’t know.

Occasionally, you will play some games if you’re not a hardcore gamers. Some people can play the Facebook games to a certain degrees which is unbelievable.

What happen if I take away this piece of puzzle from my life? What if I quit Facebook for real?

It has been almost a year I quit from Facebook. I was very curious how the decision will create impact in my life and my habits. The first thing you will experience after quitting Facebook is the gap in your time. You realize that you have more time than you need. The problem is how to fill the gap with other activities.

Back then, I was busy with my final project in college. I could dedicate all my time to do the project while taking a part time job. The time given to me let me have more time to contemplate about my life.

I can focus on the people during meets. I use this phone since the time I quit Facebook. Without being connected online, I can actually connect with the people I interact. You can give your full attention without being distracted. By not playing with my gadget while talking, it actually shows how you care the people you talk too.

Is quitting Facebook a wise decision? No, not really. But I’m sure it helps me to realize what I have and do with my life.

Do I need to quit Facebook? It is up to you. If Facebook is helping you getting things done and improvise your life, stick with it, by all means. Life is about making decision and moving onward with it.