After the period for not using mobile phone at all (I’m saving money for the 4th generation iPhone), my brother lend me his Witel K336. I bet you won’t even know what type of mobile phone it is. Even I don’t know about it.

Let me describe it to you, it is like most of the folding mobile phone with black color. It is similar to the Samsung (If I have to choose one) in term of design. Basically a decent design.

What surprises me is the operating system it use, neither Symbian or Java, don’t even bother with Android. It looks like a mobile phone from late 2003, I can’t even open Facebook page with its WAP browser although I set it up.

Once I received the phone from my brother’s hand, I immediately went to the setting to see what I can change. Setup the time and date, changing the wallpaper to the abstract one. Turn off the keypad tone, choose the comforting ring tone and short quick bird chirping message alert.

There aren’t many options for you to change or choose, these are almost all the setting provided but it makes the work easier and simpler. I can’t access Facebook which is real time saver, can’t browsing, can only do phone call and text message.

It is indeed the minimal of minimalism in mobile phone.