Not Tweeting

Compared to few years ago when I just started out using Twitter, the frequency of my tweets have hit rock bottom. What it used to be at least five tweets a day becomes one tweet a week.

Twitter remains as my favorite channel to find out what the people I follow are up to. It’s just that I often discard my tweets.

I always ask myself these questions before pressing the tweet button. Is it useful? Can I explain it more clearly? Will I have the same thought tomorrow? As the result, my notes are filled with many broken sentences, waiting for me to complete it one day.

Those broken sentences look like a junk in the sea of my notes. I even considered to trash them all. But, after a while, looking back at my past notes usually yield to another discovery, the wonderful feeling of connecting the dot from the past with the present dot.

By realizing not tweeting might lead to another review, tutorial, or tips. I take a deep breath, press the cancel button, and once again turn a tweet into a post.