Getting to Know CleanMyMac

I’ve been using CleanMyMac since 2012. It completes macOS by offering various tools to maintain and review the system status easily from the dashboard.

Edit in Grammarly Macro

The only limitation with Grammarly is the incapability to check your writing in other macOS application. You have to paste the selected text into Grammarly, edit the found mistakes, and move the result back into the origin of the selected text app. The process can be simplified with this macro.

One Less Grammatical Error with Grammarly

The hardest part of writing is the editing. You have to reread every sentence you wrote, fix the grammatical errors you made, and rearrange or trim the phrases so the readers can have an easier time understanding your message. Picking a proper tool can accelerate the pace of the editing stage.

Speed Up Mission Control in macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra introduces a new Mission Control animation that matches the pace of your swipe movement to the animation speed. If you’re not a fan of the new behavior, I have a solution for you to revert to the old animation style.

Remapping Hyper Key in macOS Sierra

Karabiner has stopped working on macOS Sierra. The lack of Karabiner support means that I can no longer use the Hyper key to trigger any shortcuts I configured in OS X El Capitan. I spent a couple of weeks searching for a solution, and finally, found Karabiner Elements that restores the Hyper Key back to macOS Sierra.