Workflow Tips for Beginners

I’ve been tinkering with Workflow for the past few days to see how much tasks I can automate with it. Surprisingly only a few workflows I’ve created manage to stay in the setup. Since I’m also new to Workflow, I believe the problems I had while using this app can be a valuable lessons for those who are new to Workflow.

Measure Writing Effort with Word Counter

Sometimes I write a lot. Sometimes I write little. Sometimes I let the emotion steers the wheel of mind and don’t write at all. Word Counter is the loupe I use to identify who is the captain of the course: emotion or me.

Deliberate Distraction

I’ve unsubscribed from ten newsletters today. Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to free ourselves from the endless consumer behavior we’ve been indulging for the last decade. We’ve been shaped to become consumers since we were kids. The result we face is the endless amount of emails that arrives in form of notifications.

5 Tips for 1Password Pro Users

What makes you a Pro? If you’ve bought 1Password for Mac or 1Password for iOS Pro features, then you’re a Pro! I’d like to show you few more tips to bring the best out of 1Password Pro features — from organizing smart folders to securing your backup codes.