How to Run Keyboard Maestro Macros Remotely

Won’t it be nice to execute Keyboard Maestro macros remotely? Imagine what you can do with this feature. Forget to lock your Mac? Put it to sleep with single tap. Need to run command in Terminal? Send the command from your iPhone. If you can build the macros, you can run it from everywhere.

How to Change Übersicht Widgets Position

Unlike Geeklets which you can drag around, the only way to modify Übersicht widgets position is by editing the CSS inside the script. This is the guide for you who want to change the widgets position but never write a single line of CSS.

Unnamed Bowtie Theme Reboot

Unnamed made by Thomas Günther and Cory remains as my favorite Bowtie theme. The theme hasn’t received any updates for the past three years, and it seems that the most requested feature is Retina display support. I think this is the right time to reboot this marvelous theme.

Übersicht: Lightweight GeekTool Alternative for Mac

GeekTool is a well-known application for displaying various information on the desktop. I was curious with this application. I searched for some geeklets (or widgets), installed them, and customized it to fit with my desktop. Everything was great until I saw the insane CPU usage in Activity Monitor. I removed GeekTool and started searching for a better alternative.