BitBar Fuzzy Clock in Menu Bar

I’ve been searching for a great replacement for the FuzzyClock that sits on my menu bar since 2011. The menu bar utility is still working on my OS X El Capitan machine, but now I can replace it with my ideal Fuzzy Clock plugin.

Back in 2014

Strive to help people. That’s the mantra I’ve been holding as I write for this site every week starting 2014. This personal space of mine has grown from serving 100 readers into 400 readers a day. I want to deliver more value in 2015, and I would like to share a few choices that have helped me to push through 2014 with a satisfying result.

Hocus Focus

I’m a fan of Houdini, a free utility that hides away inactive windows in the background, so you stay focused. Here is a great news. Houdini has been renamed into Hocus Focus, now supporting OS X Yosemite, with a new feature to support multiple profiles.

Evernote Workflows

Evernote remembers everything. Workflow automates most of the things. When you combine these two apps together, you have a wonderful setup that can create a note with a few taps. The Workflow series is incomplete if I don’t share these workflows I built as an avid Evernote user.