5 Beautiful Screen Savers for Mac

There are millions of gorgeous wallpapers available online, but only a few screen savers that actually look great on Mac. Among the screen savers I’ve tried, these are the most beautiful screen savers you can install on your Mac — Adobe Flash Plugin is not required.

Writing in Markdown

It’s not enough just being able to write in Markdown — the writing you do spans more than just leaving words on the blank cursor. It involves a lot of linking and formatting that take a lot of time. But with some right tools, you can increase your writing efficiency drastically while keeping the Markdown article clean.

Building Keyboard Maestro Macros Tips

You don’t have to know AppleScript or shell script to use Keyboard Maestro. The built-in actions have all the basic interactions covered. What you need is learning how to build useful macros that automate mundane tasks for you.