Unnamed made by Thomas Günther and Cory remains as my favorite Bowtie theme. The theme hasn’t received any updates for the past three years, and it seems that the most requested feature is Retina display support. I think this is the right time to reboot this marvelous theme.

Unnamed Bowtie Theme Reboot

I didn’t plan to update this theme. But when I took a good look at the theme, I realized that the music note was not vertically aligned. So I peeked the Unnamed Bowtie theme source code to fix that quirk and ended up refactored the whole theme.

So here’s the list of updates for Unnamed Reboot:

  • Retina display support!
  • Improved typography. Texts are now properly vertical aligned, better font smoothing algorithm, slightly bold song artist label for better legibility.
  • Adjusted the line-height by taking MacBook Air screen black edge into consideration.
  • Theme is automatically positioned to the bottom left of the screen. No more dragging to adjust the theme position.
  • Transition between playing and pause state. The song title and artist are hidden when song is not playing.
  • Removed the song and artist label width limit.
  • Refactored the theme and reduced the size from 277 KB to 70 KB.
  • Replaced the note with ♫ glyph.
  • Replaced Myriad Pro with built-in font Seravek. In fact, Seravek looks much better in the new theme.

You can download Unnamed Reboot here.