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How to Find Conflicting Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Jun 07, 2020

It’s frustrating to troubleshoot conflicting keyboard shortcuts on Mac because it doesn’t show you which app is currently binding the combination keys. Here’s how you can find the conflicting keys on Mac.

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How to Set Up macOS for Web Development

May 12, 2020

Most aspiring front-end developers made mistakes when setting up their development environment. In this guide, you will learn the best practices to prepare macOS for web development.

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Remapping Hyper Key in macOS Sierra

Oct 20, 2016 | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

Karabiner has stopped working on macOS Sierra. The lack of Karabiner support means that I can no longer use the Hyper key to trigger any shortcuts I configured in OS X El Capitan. I spent a couple of weeks searching for a solution, and finally, found Karabiner Elements that restores the Hyper Key back to macOS Sierra.

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Font Smoothing for Non-Retina Display

Nov 14, 2014

Font smoothing can dramatically change how fonts are rendered. You’ll see a notable improvement in the looks and feels of apps by just turning on font smoothing, but with a simple command in Terminal, you can make the font on non-Retina display looks way better than the default setting.

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Which Mac Utility Should You Use?

Oct 30, 2014

You’re familiar with these utilities: Hazel, Alfred, TextExpander, LaunchBar, PopClip, and Dropzone. You know what you can do with each utility, but when you want to automate a task, paralyzed by the choices, you’re unable to choose which utility should do the job.

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How to Restore Default Fonts on Mac

Oct 24, 2014

You realize that the free fonts you’ve collected these past few years take up a lot of space on your Mac. It’s time to open Font Book and remove the fonts you’re no longer use. Whether you want to save more space or just want an organized fonts gallery, this tutorial will show you how to do it easily with its built-in feature.

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Übersicht: Lightweight GeekTool Alternative for Mac

Aug 14, 2014

GeekTool is a well-known application for displaying various information on the desktop. I was curious with this application. I searched for some geeklets (or widgets), installed them, and customized it to fit with my desktop. Everything was great until I saw the insane CPU usage in Activity Monitor. I removed GeekTool and started searching for a better alternative.

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Change Finder Sidebar Default Width

Jul 24, 2014

Does OS X provide an option to set Finder sidebar default width? No, but there is a workaround to change all Finder sidebar width, automatically.

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BetterTouchTool for Windows Management

May 17, 2014

Working in small screen means you often need to switch between apps, or move and resize windows to optimize the screen state. Sometimes you’re comparing two designs side by side, sometimes you’re taking notes while watching screencast, or sometimes you simply want to move documents from one folder to another.

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How to Keep Your Mac Desktop Clean

May 08, 2014

My desk is a mess. I shouldn’t have shared this desk with my sister who only clean this desk once a week. You can’t tell people to clean their desk, but you can clean your virtual desktop.

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