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Speed Up Mission Control in macOS Sierra

Nov 27, 2016

macOS Sierra introduces a new Mission Control animation that matches the pace of your swipe movement to the animation speed. If you’re not a fan of the new behavior, I have a solution for you to revert to the old animation style.

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Non-Conflicting Shortcuts

Nov 19, 2014

Shortcuts don’t scale well. Global shortcuts are top offenders. How often you have to reassign a global shortcut because it interferes with the built-in shortcuts? How to install more macros and workflows without adding complexity to your setup?

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BetterTouchTool for Windows Management

May 17, 2014

Working in small screen means you often need to switch between apps, or move and resize windows to optimize the screen state. Sometimes you’re comparing two designs side by side, sometimes you’re taking notes while watching screencast, or sometimes you simply want to move documents from one folder to another.

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