Minimalist lifestyle is closely related to how your mind perceive it. There is no rules in defining the lifestyle you want. Not to mention the how to lead a minimalist lifestyle. You can’t let people decide what action you ought to take. So take your time to practice and continue what you find is helpful to you.

The origination of everything in this world is coming from your mind. The first step is to define the lifestyle you want. A lifestyle that you can take control now without having to think too much about future.

Minimalist lifestyle is the combination of mindfulness and contentment. Through mindfulness, we pay attention to what we think, speak and behave. Through contentment, we understand what we really need and control our lust over things.

Being mindful is constantly aware of yourselves. You are thinking in the present about your surrounding. You feel the sensation with each breath you take. You are paying attention to everything you eat, realizing that the body will take in and react the food you eat, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Getting to know mindfulness can help you start adjusting your current lifestyle habits. Try to change your eating and sleeping habit, be mindful about your health. Don’t think ahead, but think now and feel the present.

Contentment is the gateway to control your lust over things. Only buy the things you need. Ask yourself if you will use the items if you really buy it. Instead of storing the things you don’t use or you think you might use in the future, donate it or throw it away. Sometimes due to the financial condition, you will need to feel content with what you have. Getting in debt for the sake of lust over items is not a good idea.

Contentment can lead you to seek the answer for the essential needs in your life. True happiness doesn’t lie within what you have, instead lies within how you think.

Starting a minimalist lifestyle is not necessary to throw everything you have. A word that can describe minimalist lifestyle is “just enough”.