The only possession I use to manage my daily item is a MacBook. It can do everything I want from study, entertainment, and working. It is the only machine I need to keep everything organised.

Minimal living is to make use of your possession to the fullest. Reducing the unnecessary. So the focus is not on the thing you own, but the problem and challenge you face.

Understanding Needs

I will always tell my friend to list out their needs if they plan to buy a gadget. Be sure when you list out your needs. Don’t use “What if” because you don’t need the “What if”. Be certain in what you want to do with your gadget. In this case, be sure what you want to do with your MacBook.

  • I need it to be fast, simple and beautiful.
  • I need it to code and design.
  • I need it to store music and movie.
  • I need it to kick away my gaming habit.
  • I need it to manage pictures and images.
  • I need it to do in a beautiful ways.

Needs above is a must. I don’t believe in “What if”, I only choose for what I need.

Mac OS X will not be this successful if the software developer doesn’t develop an easy to use and beautiful software for it. Remember, when you choose a gadget, it is about the developer. Developers who love their platform makes beautiful software.

Fulfilling Needs

Since we are talking about making the best out of the MacBook. Then we are talking the software itself.

  • The MacBook comes with the iLife preinstalled. I removed mine because I don’t need it.
  • The MacBook has TextEdit, I don’t need another tool for writing an article.
  • The MacBook has iTunes, I don’t need another music player to manage my music.
  • The MacBook has iChat, but I need Adium for my other contacts.
  • The MacBook has Stickies, but I don’t find it useful. I use Notational Velocity for note taking. I removed Stickies.
  • The MacBook has Chess, but I don’t play chess. I removed Chess.

As you can see, I decide based on my needs. I don’t use the “What if”.

Going Digital

I buy CD album. I enjoy collecting some music albums. I can choose to purchase it from iTunes store but some of us enjoy buying the CD album.

What I’m saying is not to be obsessed with going digital. If you hear some people telling you that going digital is reducing clutter and living minimal, then they are wrong. Being minimal is to reduce what you find they are clutter. If you prefer paper over the note in computer, then carry on with your ways of doing thing.

I go digital for note taking. But I prefer a real book compared to the digital book. I keep movies in my external hard disk to save space. I never use more than 60 GB for my internal hard disk. This is how I use my MacBook. Now tell me how you plan to use your MacBook.

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