One of my friends lost his MacBook Pro recently. There was no way to track his stolen MacBook because there was no tracking app installed. Somehow I blame myself for not spreading the tips on how to keep their MacBook safe.

If you own a MacBook or similar devices, there are several ways to keep your Mac safe. I hope these simple tips can increase the chance to get back your stolen devices or even preventing it from getting stolen.

  • Install tracking app so you can track your stolen device. The app will send you several information like location, screenshot, and photo periodically where you can use them to track the thief. Personally, I use Prey for this.
  • Enable guest account because the tracking app requires internet connection. Letting the thief login using guest account can let you fetch the information quickly without risking the modification of your existing files. You can also enable parental control for the guest account to prevent the thief accessing certain apps.
  • Setup firmware password to ensure the thief can’t modify your installed OS by booting using another OS installation disc. Setting up firmware password can be done by booting using your OS installation disc and choose setup firmware password from the utility in menu bar. Apple provides documentation on how to enable firmware protection.
  • Stay alert when you bring your device around. Remember that the thief only take the chance given to him. By staying alert the whole time can prevent your device from getting stolen.
  • Don’t bring it along. Wouldn’t it better to leave your device at home and enjoy your adventure out there without having to worry about it?

I hope this post can serve as a reminder for my readers and visitors. If you’ve done everything you can to prevent your devices from getting stolen, then now it’s your responsibility to educate your close one to secure their devices.