I hate shortcuts. I used to love them. But, every time conflicting shortcuts exits, I smash my MacBook Air keyboards. No, I didn’t. I wish I could.

I’ve been looking for an effective way to select uncommon menu item. The easiest way is to use help menu. Aside from providing help, you can search and point the menu bar item you’re looking for as shown in the screenshot below.

Menu Bar Search

For faster execution, you can assign Command-Shift-/ to trigger help menu. It solves the problem, but this approach is slow. A better way is using Menu Bar Search Workflow for Alfred 2.

Pixemaltor Menu Bar

I use this workflow to execute menu items that are rarely used. For example, sometimes I need to run Safari in private browsing mode. I simply use Menu Bar Search to find this menu item and turn on private browsing mode instantly, without going through the menu bar. That’s a huge time saver.

Menu Bar Search can also be used to switch between active windows in full screen mode. If you have multiple full screen apps running at once, chance you won’t be able to locate them easily with Mission Control1. By using Menu Bar Search, you can search your desired windows and switch to them immediately.

There are many useful workflows you can install for Alfred 2 and I’ve listed the most common one in my Alfred 2 Workflows Roundup.

  1. I’ve noticed that Mission Control is good at locating multiple windows, but bizarrely bad at differentiating different windows in full screen mode.