The only limitation with Grammarly is the incapability to check your writing in other macOS application. You have to paste the selected text into Grammarly, edit the found mistakes, and move the result back into the origin of the selected text app. The process can be simplified with this macro.

Edit in Grammarly Macro

It creates a seamless process for anyone who uses other writing apps in macOS. It copies the selected text and pastes it to Grammarly. Once you’ve finished editing the article, you can press the shortcut again to paste the result back to the previously selected app.

There are two requirements to ensure that this macro runs correctly:

  1. Grammarly must be active and visible in the macOS Dock.
  2. You have to create a new post with preferred document type. For example, I have three blank documents called personal email, blog post, and general for the different type of writing I’m doing every day.

Grammarly Macro Document Types

The macro will ask you to launch Grammarly if it’s not running in the background. Optionally, you can also add an action to automatically open Grammarly when it’s not running instead of displaying a notification.

Download Edit in Grammarly Macro