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The Missing Workflow in iA Writer 3

Oct 12, 2015

The major upgrade of iA Writer 3 took me by surprise. Original iA Writer customers will find the upgrade wonderful, but Writer Pro customers will miss a workflow.

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How I Use iA Writer Pro Syntax Control

Oct 08, 2014

One new habit I’ve nurtured after using iA Writer Pro is spending more effort to edit a finished piece of writing. It’s challenging for writers to view their crafts from different perspective since they’re familiar with their own works, but iA Writer Pro helps me to become a better editor with Syntax Control.

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New iA Writer Pro Setup

Oct 03, 2014

Information Architects has released an updated version of iA Writer Pro which adds Dropbox sync and develops a new way to handle workflow state — instead of placing documents inside different folders, now it changes the file extension. If you’ve followed my setup to sync Writer Pro to Dropbox, this guide will show you how I adapt the update to my writing workflow.

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Sync Writer Pro Between iCloud and Dropbox

Jan 05, 2014

Information Architects, the developer of my favorite writing app iA Writer, released Writer Pro, an advanced writing tool tailored for professional writers few weeks ago. They believe Writer Pro’s workflow — by dividing the writing process into four stages: Note, Write, Edit, and Read — can help writers to focus on their writing instead of tinkering with all the unnecessary preferences.

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