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How to Set Default Window Size on Mac with Keyboard Maestro

Mar 23, 2021

Resizing application windows is one of the easiest macros you can create with Keyboard Maestro. By implementing a single action, you can set a default window size for every application on your Mac. What if I tell you that there is a better way to organize and resize application windows?

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Quick Calculation Keyboard Maestro Macro

May 27, 2020

Sometimes you want to quickly calculate a number while typing. Here’s how you can maintain the typing flow and calculate numbers with Keyboard Maestro.

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Quick Find and Replace Keyboard Maestro Macro

May 16, 2020

Do you often find yourself opening a separate text editor to replace a word from a selected line or paragraph? With Quick Find and Replace Macro, you can substitute a word from anywhere.

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Warn Before Quitting Macro

Jun 09, 2016

I have my thumb on the Command key most of the time. I work with shortcuts to switch between apps, trigger Alfred workflows, and run Keyboard Maestro macros to save time. I also prefer to quit unused apps immediately, so pressing Command + Q has become my second nature. Sometimes I stupidly quit the apps that run important tasks — duh!

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Non-Conflicting Shortcuts

Nov 19, 2014

Shortcuts don’t scale well. Global shortcuts are top offenders. How often you have to reassign a global shortcut because it interferes with the built-in shortcuts? How to install more macros and workflows without adding complexity to your setup?

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Manipulate Clipboards with Regular Expression

Oct 15, 2014 | Updated: May 06, 2020

One of the Keyboard Maestro’s feature that I didn’t mention in building macro tips is the ability to search and replace clipboards with regular expression. What is a regular expression, and how does it help you to manipulate clipboards?

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Trigger Keyboard Maestro Macros with Alfred

Sep 24, 2014

Assigning shortcuts to macros can be a problem when there is too many conflicting keys between macros and other apps. You can use Keyboard Maestro Trigger macro by name action to avoid this problem, but I prefer integrating macros into Alfred.

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How to Run Keyboard Maestro Macros Remotely

Aug 21, 2014

Won’t it be nice to execute Keyboard Maestro macros remotely? Imagine what you can do with this feature. Forget to lock your Mac? Put it to sleep with single tap. Need to run command in Terminal? Send the command from your iPhone. If you can build the macros, you can run it from everywhere.

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Keyboard Maestro Macro Examples

Aug 12, 2014

A reader asked me to share my macro library with him recently. I declined. Sharing the macros I use to copy the data from analytics to spreadsheet won’t give you a single clue on how to build a useful macro. Instead, I’m going to show you the type of macros you can build in this article.

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Secure Your Password with Keyboard Maestro

Aug 04, 2014

I recently wrote a guide to managing passwords online with Mac. If you’ve read them, you should notice that stronger passwords are long, and having to type them without doubt will cause more mistakes. This Keyboard Maestro macro will address the problem by letting you enter password with a single key press.

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