Do you often find yourself opening a separate text editor to replace a word from a selected line or paragraph? With Quick Find and Replace Macro, you can substitute a word from anywhere.

I built this macro because I often replace part of a string in Google Sheet Formula. For example, here is the formula I use to pull the value from 2020/04 sheet into the main dashboard.


If I need to pull 2020/05 sheet into the dashboard, I have to copy the formula and replace 2020/04 with 2020/05.

You can either use Google Sheet built-in search and replace, or use another text editor’s find and replace feature. You have two choices from the basic search feature: replace each word one by one or replace every found word.

There is no option to search and replace only selected text.

What if there is a better way to find and replace text? Isn’t it better if you can replace only the found word in the selected paragraph without opening another text editor?

Quick Find and Replace Macro

Quick Find and Replace Macro does precisely one thing. You can select any part of a paragraph. You can select the whole content. You can select the last sentence.

Set the shortcut to Option - R, type the word you want to find and replace, and press return to complete the process.

You can access this feature from everywhere. This macro has changed the way I manipulate text. I hope you will find this useful.

Download Quick Find and Replace Macro