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How to Use Hazel to Save Bills to Evernote Automatically

Jun 03, 2016

We will be sitting in a self-driving car in 2020, but why are we still managing invoices and receipts manually? I went paperless from day one by having invoices, receipts, and billing summary sent my email address. The problem is I detest organizing them manually in Evernote, so I come up with this setup to automate the whole process.

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Dropbox as Online Backup

Jul 15, 2014

I recently scanned my MacBook Air’s hard drive to find out the number of free space. Well, I have about 80 GB free space left, but the number is dwindling down every day, largely because of my photos and videos setup. I keep an off-site backup in my external drive for those files, photos, and videos, however, they’re still occupying the main hard drive. Then I realize that Selective Sync in Dropbox could be the solution for this problem.

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Manage iPad and iPhone Screenshots with Hazel

Apr 21, 2014

There are many ways to transfer screenshots from iPhone and iPad to Mac. You can use built-in app like Messages, third-party app like Instashare and Dropbox, or the classic email client. But what I’m looking for is more than just transferring those screenshots.

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How I Organize Files in Dropbox

Mar 06, 2014

There is no perfect setup. Not mine, not yours. We organize folders in our own ways.

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Sync Writer Pro Between iCloud and Dropbox

Jan 05, 2014

Information Architects, the developer of my favorite writing app iA Writer, released Writer Pro, an advanced writing tool tailored for professional writers few weeks ago. They believe Writer Pro’s workflow — by dividing the writing process into four stages: Note, Write, Edit, and Read — can help writers to focus on their writing instead of tinkering with all the unnecessary preferences.

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How I Manage Photos with Dropbox and Pixa

Aug 29, 2013

Abandoning iPhoto is probably one of the right decision I’ve made in storing photos. Long time OS X users such as Federico Vitici and Sven Fechner started this and it remains as one of my favorite tips of all time.

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Move Entire iPhoto Library to Dropbox

Sep 30, 2012

If you’re interested to move your entire iPhoto library to Dropbox, then the tutorial written by Viticci should be enough to walk you through the process. The tutorial serves as the basic to create your own photo management system in Dropbox. There are some steps that can be simplified, especially the part where additional applications are required to keep the photos metadata intact.

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Enable Dropbox Contextual Link on Mac

Aug 27, 2010

Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.

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