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Unnamed Bowtie Theme Reboot

Aug 18, 2014

Unnamed made by Thomas Günther and Cory remains as my favorite Bowtie theme. The theme hasn’t received any updates for the past three years, and it seems that the most requested feature is Retina display support. I think this is the right time to reboot this marvelous theme.

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Scrobble iTunes Radio Songs to

Sep 23, 2013

Everyone loves to share what they’re watching, reading, or listening. Twitter have tweeting, have scroblling, Facebook have stalking1. This is just one of the way to give other people a chance to say “me too”, and thus starting a conversation.

  1. Nah, I’m kidding. They rhyme. 

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4 Best Bowtie Themes to Decorate Your Mac

Aug 19, 2013

I’ve just cleaned all unused files from desktop. I turn on Rdio as one of the Bowlet1 gradually appearing from the corner of the screen. It all thanks to Bowtie.

  1. Bowlet is the term to describe the theme shown on the desktop. 

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3 Bowtie Themes to Beautify Your Desktop

Jan 27, 2011

Music has become one of the core element in my computing experience. Turning on music while writing and doing assignment is a common daily event. Bowtie, an iTunes controller, is a jewel created to complete your desktop with its beautiful theming engine.

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