In the last eight years, I’ve made a lot of decisions. There were some good and bad choices, but I always end up in a better situation if I follow this one rule.

Health comes first.

I am able to perform and think more effectively in both life and work when I make decisions that benefit my physical and mental health. I can sit without worrying about my back hurting. I can stay focused longer. I can think and analyze without feeling anxious.

My goal is to be a good parent to my children. I want to be there whenever they need me. I want to be able to carry them upstairs without hurting my knees. I want to provide for them until they are old enough to care for themselves.

Most people glorifying hustle culture fail to take care of their health. Even before I became a parent, I prioritized my health by trying to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

If you are given the option, always choose to be healthy.

If there is one productivity tip I want to share with you, it is to keep yourself healthy so that you can do the work you’re proud of in the next two decades.