If you’re read my tutorial on how to sync Writer Pro to Dropbox and iCloud, you probably know that my writing flow are divided into four stages. I can’t say the Writer Pro has helped me to become a better writer, however, it has helped to stay more focused by clearly defining the writing stage.

As good as I might make it sound. It hasn’t fixed my habit to rewrite my sentences before it’s completed. Pressing the delete key to correct the typo, rearrange the structure, and remove adverbs slows me down.

Fear stops me from completing the sentence. This sentence sounds stupid. This sentence ruins the whole paragraph. This sentence doesn’t make sense. Stop judging yourself. In fact, how can I be so sure that the incomplete sentences are bad? The sentences I find stupid might turn out to be a pearl covered in mud.

It’s a draft. No one reads your drafts. Feel free to be naked and write shits.

Spot a typo? Ignore it. The sentence doesn’t make sense? Complete it. The word usage is wrong? Keep writing. No matter what mistakes you’ve made, keep writing. Finish the first draft. During this stage, think by writing — words by words. My legs are itchy. I write it down.

One of the sound advice I’ve learned from watching variety show on YouTube last week is how to get started in writing a song. When you find it hard to write a song, write a song about how you find it hard to write a song. When you feel like you’re unable to write the sentence, write down how you’re unable to write the sentence. One sentence will lead to another.

You’ve just written a pile of garbages. Now it’s time to clean up by going into editing stage.

I love editing stage. It lets me rearrange my thoughts — the sentences I’ve written without fear. New topics can be researched. We don’t always write what we know. Sometimes we write what we want to know. Vague sentences can be rewritten. Omit useless sentences.

We can choose to publish shits. Just make sure you’ve done the editing.