People who know me will find that I am Apple maniac. True indeed, I love most (if not all) of Apple products. But, I wasn’t born like this. There is some short story before I come to get know Apple products.

I remembered back then 2 years ago when I first started to learn about computer. Everything was fascinating, I was given the chance to use notebook in the office at night since I didn’t have my own. And during that time, I only knew that computer is Windows.

So, I learned my way around Windows. I used a lot of software to optimise Windows. Windows XP was still in its glory era. I even got myself a handbook to tweak the registry just to increase the performance. And it was likely several times the notebook need to be formatted.

And… something amazing happened…

One of my friend brought his shiny elegant MacBook White to our class. I was really fascinated. It was really the first time I could actually see and use it. And the first question from me was “How much does it cost?”. For someone like me who were just a normal college student with no income, moreover living in Indonesia. Buying MacBook was my first goal that I must achieve. And the MacBook White during that time is around 13 million rupiah or around 1400 USD.

MacBook back then was a very expensive product and only some people were able to purchase one. Geeks like me wanted a fast computer. But after that stunning experience, I wanted both beautiful and fast computer. Other brand that came into my mind was Sony Vaio. Apple did that.

It took me a year to work and save in order to buy the MacBook I am currently using to type this post. It might be one of the best money I have spent in these years.

I don’t know about you. But I love how I don’t need to be bothered fixing registry. I love how I don’t need to install 3rd party plugin to get my works done. I love how I don’t need to install driver just to get the display works.

I don’t know if Apple is going to be like that forever. But I’m sure that as long Steve Jobs stay in the company, this love for their products would never change.

And while you are at it, why don’t you read this interview with the former Apple CEO.

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