The release of Alfred 0.9.9 has added a feature for users with experience in Apple Script, Shell Script, and Automator to extend Alfred capability beyond what it can do. If you’ve made a switch from Spotlight to Alfred, I hope this list adds another reason for you to get Power Pack upgrade. Even without Power Pack, you should also try Alfred.1

Update 2022-05-15 I’m replacing them with a similar workflows that work in the latest version of Alfred.

  • WiFi Speed Test measures the upload and download speed of the WiFi you’re currently on.

  • Flush DNS flushes DNS.

  • Memory Purge can save you from countless reboot by claiming back unused and inactive memory on your Mac. I made this extension by using the shell script I learned from Lifehacker 2 years ago.

  • Rebuild Open With… is an extension that can solve your problem with Open With… item lists. Some apps still exist in the Open With… item lists even after uninstallation. This extension rebuild the item association list with all existing apps.

  • Toogle Desktop. I’m not the first one to come up with this extension. However, this is the first extension I built with code reference from Don Southard.

  • Toggle System Files lets you show and hide system files that are usually hidden.

  1. Learn why I recommend Alfred for average users in “Alfred App vs Spotlight“