Graduating from one of the self-claimed renowned university in Indonesia marks the end of one chapter in my life. I was like everyone else, beginning my journey to hunt the job I desire, or maybe a job with high income. I had a small plan, a plan to work as an iOS programmer, or maybe not.

April’11 – Doubt

But do I really want to work as a programmer? I couldn’t find the answer if I didn’t try to be one. So, I submitted my resume to several companies and started to read books about iOS development and Objective-C.

While waiting for the replies, I also participated a job expo held by the university I graduated from. I didn’t really know why I participated. Maybe I was hoping it would bring some change in my life.

It was the month where I tried to explore every possibilities. It was the month where I constantly asking myself “What career should I choose?”, “Am I capable of doing this?”.

May’11 – Desperation

Entering second month without job, I can feel the desperation grows stronger. My family would ask me why I hadn’t found a job. My answer was very simple, “I’ve submitted my resume, but no replies”.

I actually considered working as a teacher at school or as a guy sitting in the office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Of course, if you’re not sure about your decision, it’s difficult for others to be sure in hiring you.

End of month, there were no replies. I didn’t manage to find a job.

June’11 – Decision

I decided to stop looking for job. I decided to stop leaning towards the path as programmer. I decided that I want to start a tutoring business.

I didn’t choose this path because I had no choice. Deep inside my heart, I despise existing curriculum and some tutoring center teaching methods. I want to build a tutoring center where I shape children as an independent learner so they can pursue their dreams by themselves when they grow up. A group of children being true to themselves, living the life they love.

Starting business doesn’t require large sum of capital. I believe in bootstrapped business model. I can start from small and build my way slowly. But I guess not everyone believe in bootstrapped business.

Of course, it dramatically changed my daily activities.

My daily activities were consisted of reading, writing, and tutoring. Reading the daily updates from my feeds subscription, writing for this blog, and tutoring as my business. There were more time left to watch the soap opera with my mum and play with my nephew. While the income barely covered my monthly expense, it was very fun and enjoyable.

June’11 – Part Time Job

There was a call from the place where my friend working as a programmer. The owner told to come for an interview. The interview process was very simple. I told him that I didn’t have any specific skills in particular area. I knew a little about programming, UI design, web design, and UX design. I wasn’t really hoping much from him, based on previous interview experience.

Surprisingly, he offered me a job working as a part timer at his place. Nothing particular, I was offered to help with the chores over there while learning on job. He said I could learn UX design, UI design, or programming. Basically, it’s my choice.

I couldn’t believe it. I was very delighted. Not because I found a job, but because I managed to find my desired job. A job where I don’t care much for the income. A job where I can explore each area of expertise. More over, I can still maintain my tutoring business.

Being True

I learned one thing about myself. I’m going to be true to myself, following the voice of my heart and live the life I choose.

I realized the thing I love actually can be found in the belief I hold. Things like how I despise existing curriculum, enjoy connecting with others, love great UI/UX design, and demand best customer services.

I might not be rich. I might be labeled as a failure. But, I don’t care about these things anymore. As long I’m not harming others in the process, I want to pursue the path I choose.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be happy living other people life. After all, why bother living if you’re lying to yourself.