I like using GitHub for macOS because it lets me compare the difference of files before each commit. If you’ve configured credential helper to tell Git to remember your password, you also want to learn how to verify that the personal access token has been stored correctly.

The official application uses HTTPS as the default protocol, so I have to enter the password every time I want to push the update in Terminal. Caching the credentials allows me to continue using HTTPS as the protocol while offering the flexibility to push the updates through the git command.

GitHub Personall Access Token in macOS Keychain Access

Here’s how you can verify that osxkeychain helper is storing your personal access token.

  1. Open Keychain Access with Spotlight
  2. Search for github.com — it will show up as an “Internet password”
  3. Double-click on the item to view the attributes
  4. Click “Show password” and enter your macOS account password to view the access token
  5. Open “Access Control” to verify that git credential-osxkeychain CLI is the only one that can access this item