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Waste No Time

Sep 03, 2014

Most people treat time as an infinite resource because they don’t have to earn it. So we’re caught in the sea of endless information and entertainment made possible with the Internet connection. If we track the time spent on each activity, we can learn how from our habit and use it to encourage us to spend time wisely.

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Shrike: Safari Extension for Cleaner Twitter

Feb 08, 2014

The first thing I do whenever Twitter launches their redesigned webpage is searching for a Safari extension that hides the clutters . I avoid noises by hiding the trending topics. I decide who to follow from the Retweets and Discovery Tab — not from machine generated recommendations pasted over the sidebar.

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Useful Extensions for Safari 7

Oct 26, 2013

Safari is one of the finest update we can receive in Mavericks. It’s packaged with the WebKit2 engine that has been rewritten to handle multiple tabs better, similar to Google’s Chrome process-per-tab architecture. No longer we have to restart Safari when one of the tab crashes.

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