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Snappy: Effortlessly Pin Your Screenshots

Jun 15, 2014

Here’s what I used to do when I need to write down visual notes from another window: I either arrange the windows side by side, or I switch the windows back and forth while trying to remember what I’ve seen in the previous window. Both methods are time-wasting; there is a better way to remember those visual notes.

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Pixa vs Ember

May 30, 2014

I run Pixa and Ember one more time; I need to confirm their differences. Pixa stores the collection of my precious photos: the graduation, the birthday, and the vacation. On the other hand, Ember is my inspirational chamber where beautiful websites, minimalistic fixie, and well-designed user interface are on display. What sets them apart? Is it possible to use them together?

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Protect Your Online Privacy with Cookie

May 13, 2014

Every time you visit a website, you’re being tracked. The mechanism to track your online activities is simple. The website will create a cookie in your browser, which acts as your identity. Whenever you visit the website, it’ll retrieve the cookie, associate it with your activities, and send them back to their analytics service.

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Flow: The Best Free Instagram App for iPad

May 03, 2014

I didn’t sign up for Instagram during its most popular moment, and I don’t plan to sign up after Facebook bought its last year. But this app is the reason why I sign up for Instagram.

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Refined Unibox: Perfect Social Email Client for Mac

Apr 13, 2014

I started using Unibox as my primary email client last year. Although I’ve written down my methods to simplify emails with Unibox, I was still in doubt whether the new approach is suitable for daily work.

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Organize 1Password Accounts With Vaults

Jan 11, 2014 | Updated: Mar 10, 2014

One of the problems after using 1Password for several years is all sensitive information are stored in there. Yes, from the Windows Live account I’ve never signed in, my brother’s Facebook recovered password that I’ve saved just in case he forgets again, and the router password I’ve configured for my sister. It’s no longer just about my accounts.

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Sync Writer Pro Between iCloud and Dropbox

Jan 05, 2014

Information Architects, the developer of my favorite writing app iA Writer, released Writer Pro, an advanced writing tool tailored for professional writers few weeks ago. They believe Writer Pro’s workflow — by dividing the writing process into four stages: Note, Write, Edit, and Read — can help writers to focus on their writing instead of tinkering with all the unnecessary preferences.

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Simplify Emails With Unibox

Dec 26, 2013

Simplify. Don’t simplify for the sake of being minimalist. Simplify because your time is a finite resource.

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Improved Unclutter for Mac

Dec 04, 2013

Better keep your desktop tidy instead of making yourself dizzy. I belong to the former. Show me a desktop full of clutter and I’ll show you how to clear it with a Terminal command. Here it is:

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Manage Mac Application Windows with Contexts

Sep 20, 2013

Here is what my typical desktop activity looks like every day.

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