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5 Beautiful Screen Savers for Mac

Jul 30, 2014 | Updated: May 14, 2020

There are millions of gorgeous wallpapers available online, but only a few screen savers that actually look great on Mac. Among the screen savers I’ve tried, these are the most beautiful screen savers you can install on your Mac

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Stunning Built-in Reader Mode for Safari 7

Mar 21, 2014

Reader Mode in Safari is the answer to the nature of Internet — large number of information with terrible legibility. When publisher fails to deliver enjoyable reading experience, we should take control and pave our reading environment.

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Messages for Mac Background Color

Nov 19, 2013

Messages for Mac is extremely useful when you need to continue conversation from iPhone and iPad. There is no problem when you receive message from single person. But when you’re conversing with several people at once, telling the senders apart requires more efforts.

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Spice Up OS X Mission Control

Apr 14, 2013

Modification is rarely recommended for new OS X users. You don’t want to spend time reverting system to default settings. However, with little personalization, you can dramatically change the way your Mac looks, especially when it’s the workspace you use every day.

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The Most Beautiful Folder Icons Replacement for Mac

Nov 05, 2012

I’ve never customized the folder icons on Mac. There is a reason behind this decision. Most of the icon sets take away the natural beauty of OS X. They usually stand out by themselves, ignoring other UI elements, and turn the whole OS X into a bizarre state.

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Best Lion Theme for Snow Leopard

Jul 11, 2011

With the Lion approaching in just a few days, it’s no wonder everyone will prepare their Snow Leopard for an upgrade. But, not in my case because I haven’t found any value in upgrading to Lion.

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Twitterrific 4 Font Customization

May 22, 2011

There are many things I love and hate about Twitterrific 4 for Mac. The simplicity and unified timeline is the main reason why I choose Twitterrific 4 as my twitter client. But, the font selection, especially the username font size has been bothering me for a while. Luckily, I manage to find the configuration files for the theme within the app.

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Polished Traffic Lights for Snow Leopard

May 07, 2011

A number of people have asked for this mod, searched this site for this mod, googled for this mod. I’m talking about the traffic lights or titlebar controls you have seen in my screenshot lately. The particular polished yet minimal titlebar controls mod for Snow Leopard.1

  1. To clarify, I actually planned to post last month, but didn’t do it due to post limit I set for myself each month. In other word, if you have information that can’t be found on this site, contact me. 

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Fixing Pixel Gap of Maximized Windows

May 04, 2011

Talking about perfection, there is one thing about Snow Leopard — I’m not sure about other version — that keeps bothering me. With the dock hidden, I expect the maximized window will cover entire screen perfectly, which unfortunately doesn’t do its job well. It leaves a 3–4 pixel gaps at the bottom of the hidden dock.

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