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Move Entire iPhoto Library to Dropbox

Sep 30, 2012

If you’re interested to move your entire iPhoto library to Dropbox, then the tutorial written by Viticci should be enough to walk you through the process. The tutorial serves as the basic to create your own photo management system in Dropbox. There are some steps that can be simplified, especially the part where additional applications are required to keep the photos metadata intact.

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Don’t Pick, Use Both Instapaper and Pocket

May 20, 2012

Among the services that clean away online clutter I know so far, Instapaper and Pocket come across to be the most used services. Instapaper is designed with the sole purpose for you to store, read later, and discard/archive. Pocket, formerly Read It Later, comes out with a concept of saving later for everything including articles, images, videos, and web pages.

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Making Choice Between Droplr and CloudApp

Dec 17, 2011

CloudApp and Droplr are without doubt well known file sharing services. They separate themselves from many competitors in this industry by delivering a high standard of web interface, providing native apps that run seamlessly on Mac OS X.

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16 Tips in Dealing Information Overload

Nov 28, 2011
  • Only use the services you need. Deactivate and delete unneeded services.
  • Don’t read news.
  • Don’t watch TV.
  • Don’t share your private information online. Keep them vague.
  • Read only well written works.
  • Don’t make noise, talk at appropriate time, same thing apply to status update, comments, and tweets.
  • Stop finding out what your friends are doing or just quit Facebook.
  • Pick several role models in term of appearance, ability, and achievement. Find out how they do it, do it.
  • Stay away from notification and subscription.
  • Stay away from gossip.
  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Exercise.
  • Pay attention to your diet.
  • Write what you have learned from your daily life.
  • [Make money]( “Making MoneySmall Business Advice from Jason Fried of …”).
  • Better yet, stay organized.
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Oct 24, 2011

“Someone has sent you a message”, “Download is complete”, “Clara is typing…”, “Connection to FTP has failed”. Those messages are known as notifications. They are always there, whole time, notifying what is happening with your Mac if you have Growl installed.

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Three Extensions, One Browser, Killed Flash

Apr 15, 2011

This post is intended for you who use Safari as your primary browser and have uninstalled Flash plugin since age ago. The reason why we kill Flash is simply the heat it brings while we are viewing Flash based content.

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Disable or Enable Translucent Menu Bar

Apr 11, 2011

You can’t deny the fact that some folks are having this question. Should I enable translucent menu bar? This is not a rocket science question, so it can be easily answered once you can identify your needs and personal taste.

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Defining Apps and Utilities

Apr 06, 2011

It’s a habit of mine to make use of the default setting and make use of it. One of the default state in Snow Leopard and its predecessor is the existence of Utilities folder. I never put anything inside this folder because I haven’t figured out what it does.

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The Necessity of Syncing

Dec 08, 2010

Syncing is one of the important feature in technology devices. Now you can sync your iPhone with your Mac, your Mac with your iMac, your iMac with your iPad and so on. Syncing is awesome and powerful. It works like a magic as if you own one machine in many forms.

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Simplify Your iTunes Library

Dec 01, 2010

You want to spend more time listening to your music, not managing your library. Applying these seven tips will help you keep the iTunes library organized all the time.

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