This post is intended for you who use Safari as your primary browser and have uninstalled Flash plugin since age ago. The reason why we kill Flash is simply the heat it brings while we are viewing Flash based content.

I have mentioned in my previous post about removing Flash plugin and let Safari runs Flashless, using Chrome as alternative browser if you need to view contents requiring Flash.

It’s not practical if you need to run two browsers at once and have to switch between in order to view embedded video and audio. Most of the online experience revolve around image, audio, and video. Unless you are a heavy gamer, the three extensions below should be able to replace the role of Flash on Safari.

YouTube 5 Toothless

YouTube5 is the HTML5 video replacement solely created by Connor to replace Flash based videos on Youtube. The strong point from this extension compared to others is the customized user interface that fare better in term of user experience. I have to say this is the best extensions so far for video replacement on Youtube.

Sadly, it doesn’t work on some other sites if you don’t have Flash installed. That’s why we need to install another extension to replace video element that can’t be replaced by YouTube5.

ClickToPlugin is a highly customizable extension that prevents Safari from launching plug-ins automatically, resulting in faster browsing, reduced fan usage, and increased battery life.

It also replaces many plug-in based media players with HTML5 media player which can’t be replaced by YouTube5.

HTML5 Audio, created by Shaun Inman, is an extension that replace Flash audio files with HTML5 audio element.


Out of these three extensions, ClickToPlugin is the only extension that is highly customizable. The only thing you need to configure is to not let YouTube5 and ClickToPlugin run into each other on Youtube.

Access ClickToPlugin preferences panel1 and fill the configuration as shown below to allow YouTube5 runs on Youtube.

ClickToPlugin Preferences

  1. Type “option+,” to access preferences panel.