With the release of Safari 5.0.1 and the extensions gallery by Apple. Safari has proved to be very stable and sleek since the first time I use it on my MacBook. It user interface matches well with the OS X. And what makes me love Safari is the fact that it is the OS X native browser.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the extensions I installed. And there is no best extension or whatsoever.

You need to know what you want to do with your browser. So choose the extension that can speed up and improve your browsing experience.

User Interface Tweaker

These are the extensions which sweeten your user interface by eliminating the unnecessary to let the necessary talks. Give it a try to see what magic it will bring to your favourite site.

  • Google Search Cleanup: Bring the classic Google homepage and search by hiding the “more…” at left side.
  • Pure Flickr: Pure Flickr adding touch to Flickr by replacing the default logo with the clean one (without by Yahoo!) and adding more whitespace to give the spacious impression.
  • Reload Button: I find a browser without reload button weird even though I use shortcut.

Productivity Helper

These extensions can help you speed up your work and avoid distractions such as ads, checking email and etc.

  • AdBlock: It block ads. You can also set the whitelist of website which you allow the ads to appear on. Use it only if you really hate ads. I personally don’t want my visitors to hide ads, because most of the owner of website need to maintain their site and giving information for free. So, by visiting the interesting ads, you have helped them to carry on providing content.
  • AutoPagerize: Best extension ever. You must install this, it loads the next page under the current page so you can save your clicks. You can disable it on current page easily by right-clicking to toggle it on/off.
  • Facebook Photo Zoom: Frustrated with the need of open whole Facebook page just to view the user profile picture? Or did you see an interesting photo thumbnails on the News Feed but too lazy to open the photo album? Install this plugin and enjoy.

    Update A better photo zoom extension called HoverZoom is recommended, it works on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Digg, Amazon, and more.

  • Gmail Checker: Out of many Gmail notifier versions, Gmail Checker has proven to be my best recommendation. It doesn’t have too many unnecessary options and it will show you the title of the email you received if you hover the toolbar icon.
  • NoMoreiTunes: This extension will stop the iTunes link to automatically open the iTunes store.
  • Ultimate Status Bar: Hide the status bar and use this plugin to enable the status bar only when you hover on the link. You can change the style of bar. But the best thing from this plugin is it shows favicon and the destination of some shortened link in status bar.