Syncing is one of the important feature in technology devices. Now you can sync your iPhone with your Mac, your Mac with your iMac, your iMac with your iPad and so on. Syncing is awesome and powerful. It works like a magic as if you own one machine in many forms.

Cool as it is, the question arise after the long time of using these devices. Do you really need to sync everything? Is syncing a must for all your devices?

Syncing is necessary only if you need it.

You don’t need all your iTunes library synced to your iPhone. You also don’t need your MacBook synced to your iMac. You need to know what you want to do with your devices. Like what I want to do with my MacBook. And what I need with my mobile phone.

Of course no one can tell you what you need to do. I am in no position to teach other people how to do stuff. I am merely sharing how I do stuff.

Sync wise. Not obsessed synced.