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Stunning Built-in Reader Mode for Safari 7

Mar 21, 2014

Reader Mode in Safari is the answer to the nature of Internet — large number of information with terrible legibility. When publisher fails to deliver enjoyable reading experience, we should take control and pave our reading environment.

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Useful Extensions for Safari 7

Oct 26, 2013

Safari is one of the finest update we can receive in Mavericks. It’s packaged with the WebKit2 engine that has been rewritten to handle multiple tabs better, similar to Google’s Chrome process-per-tab architecture. No longer we have to restart Safari when one of the tab crashes.

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5 Tips to Optimize and Speed Up Safari 5

May 15, 2011

Safari is not the best browser on Windows. But it remains as one of the most used browser on OS X. For some people, memory usage on Safari is too high compared to other browsers. It causes some performance issues, but there is a cure. I’ve implemented these tips since the day I use Snow Leopard till Mountain Lion. It remains useful to improve the performance.

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Three Extensions, One Browser, Killed Flash

Apr 15, 2011

This post is intended for you who use Safari as your primary browser and have uninstalled Flash plugin since age ago. The reason why we kill Flash is simply the heat it brings while we are viewing Flash based content.

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Safari Neue Tabs Mod

Jan 13, 2011 | Updated: Oct 12, 2013

Stumbled Safari Tabs Collection by Koshic1 few days ago. The mod is impressive. It makes Safari tabs a lot more cleaner. Well, a picture tells a thousand words.

  1. Visit Koshic’s site and take a look at his impressive works. It is made in HTML 5, so Safari 5 might have a slow problem to render it. 

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Best of Beautiful Safari Extensions

Dec 19, 2010

Safari is becoming more beautiful with the support from several top notch extensions. Most of the extensions I install on Safari are interface tweaker. It literally means that none of them are heavy to your browser experience because they only override the CSS. You don’t need to install all of them, so take your pick only the sites you visit regularly.

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The Primrose of Safari 5 Extensions

Aug 08, 2010

With the release of Safari 5.0.1 and the extensions gallery by Apple. Safari has proved to be very stable and sleek since the first time I use it on my MacBook. It user interface matches well with the OS X. And what makes me love Safari is the fact that it is the OS X native browser.

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Elegant Search Display with Glims in Safari 5

Jun 30, 2010

Safari 5 implemented extension feature which attracting many user to switch browser. So why the heap over the browser which doesn’t even reach 5% of the browser market share?

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