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Clear for Free

Feb 19, 2014

Realmac Software, the company behind popular to-do list app Clear, has decided to remove Clear+ from App Store and add universal support to the original Clear. This means the existing Clear+ customers won’t receive updates anymore and must buy the original Clear. To address this problem, Realmac Software is going to make Clear free for 24 hours twice in a next few weeks.

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Revamped ImageOptim Icon

Sep 21, 2013

They finally replaced the old icon with the brand new one which is designed by Anna from icons8. Although the previous icon is lacking to be proudly displayed on your Dock, the functionally of ImageOptim can’t be disregarded.

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts For Special Characters

Aug 24, 2013

It takes ±10 minutes to learn the shortcuts so you can type 33°C in your next tweet. You can also write some nice emoticon with π.

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Repair Disk Permissions Myth

Aug 22, 2013

Thomas Brand addressed one of the most common myths on disk permissions:

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Your App Makes Me Fat

Aug 03, 2013

Healthy contents provide value, teach a lesson, solve a problem. Well designed apps delight users, not the other way around. Allocate your attention and energy resourcefully.

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They Make Icons

Jun 28, 2013

Titled ‘They Make Icons‘, the new project is a website that showcases the talent of various designers and the amazingly Mac & Windows icons designed by them and made available on the web.

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