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Best iTunes Lyrics App for Mac

Dec 08, 2013

♫ Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons in iTunes Music. First time listening this song, doesn’t know the lyrics, no way to sing along.

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Scrobble iTunes Radio Songs to

Sep 23, 2013

Everyone loves to share what they’re watching, reading, or listening. Twitter have tweeting, have scroblling, Facebook have stalking1. This is just one of the way to give other people a chance to say “me too”, and thus starting a conversation.

  1. Nah, I’m kidding. They rhyme. 

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Minimal iTunes Interface Mod for Mac

Mar 20, 2011

There is one app with interface that I love to hate. The precious app that I run all the time to play music known as iTunes is the app with most modification in term of interface. The icon doesn’t match my taste and the user interface is too boring for daily use.

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