I used to publish all my posts on Tumblr because of its simplicity. It’s a blogging platform where you just write. It’s a place where many authors with credibility share their thoughts. It’s a social network where readers can get know their favorite writers.

Right now I publish with Octopress. The setup is straightforward and the generated sites is fast. I hope you find this site more useful after the migration.

Organize, Minimize, and Focus

The core of this blog is to organize your digital life — your photos, notes, or videos. At the same time, organizing shouldn’t take up your precious time. That’s why creating a workflow is important to minimize the works. Effective workflows can yield more time. That’s where we spend the time to focus on the 20%, the important tasks. You can find out how I minimize my works from these posts:

Beautiful and Useful

I believe in beautiful computing experience. I want to show people that they can do everything efficiently while keeping the desktop clean. I want to show that they can have a beautiful designed computer with well arranged workspace. Here are some posts that can get you started:

Most Visited Posts

All the post listed in this category are the most visited posts through search engine and other social media. These posts attract visitors. Here, I’ll highlight some of the best posts.

Published Posts I Like

Not all the posts I’ve written receive much love. They’re not professionally written nor well thought. But, I love how I can leave the message I find important here for everyone to read. Without further ado, these are my gems: