I like QuickTime Player, but I don’t like third-party plug-ins. Neither Flip4Mac or Perian is installed on my machine. I’d like to keep the system default as much as possible.

I prefer to have a standalone app that can play all the file types rather than having several plugins installed. This is the simplest approach because when you decide not to use the app, you can simply remove the app.

Several open source multimedia player can handle most of the file types without problem. VLC is one of them. I still love to use VLC on my Windows machine, but for Mac, I use MPlayerX.

MPlayerX Preview

MPlayerX is an open source multimedia player crafted by Zongyao Qu by considering the simplicity, aesthetic beauty, and the core features. By simplicity, it’s very similar to QuickTime Player in term of interface and user experience.

I haven’t done any benchmarking, but MPlayerX seems more responsive compared to VLC. Whenever I launch video with VLC, there is a very short time lapse before the actual video appear. With MPlayerX, the video is opened right after the click.

Another reason why I love MPlayerX is the simple configuration panel. I can understand the whole available settings easily without problem.

Give MPlayerX a try, and you might also love it simplicity.