There are several apps I installed are needed temporary. They are not essential because I use them just for this semester. However, there are some core applications I always have them installed. The list below consist all the core applications I use frequently.

  • Adium - the best multi-protocol instant messaging for Mac. There are times where I want to stop using it. However, most of my contacts use MSN as their instant messaging service. It become very nice once you know how to turn it into a beautiful application.
  • Alfred - the replacement for Spotlight. It is fast, stable, simple, and not bloated with complicated feature. I understand the hesitant to switch from the lovely Spotlight to Alfred. There is always a reason for me to include it.
  • AppFresh - this tools let me keep the applications up to date. There are alternative such as Bodega and MacUpdate. I prefer AppFresh because I can have the control over it to skip and exclude update.
  • Bowtie - one of the best iTunes controller I have used. Bowtie has one of the best control and integration. Unlike CoverSutra, you can’t do quick search with it, but you can get a better experience by combining Bowtie with Alfred Powerpack.
  • Cinch - I need it to have 2 windows snapped to left and right especially during writing and coding. It provides a better workflow this way.
  • CleanMyMac - the all in one cleaner for Mac. For the first time use, you can clean up all the unused language in your applications. Uninstallation and cleaning cache also made simple for daily use.
  • Dropbox - if you need to sync your files and folders across several computers online. Dropbox provides the best experience with simple synchronization process. Sign up using this link give you and me extra 250 MB to 3 GB for free account.
  • Droplr - for sharing files online (not syncing), I use Droplr because I know it first. CloudApp is another nice service for file sharing.
  • F.lux - everyone stays up till very late last 2010. There is no doubt that people will stay the same again this year. I use this application to keep my eyes comfortable using Mac at night. It is a very cool apps once you get used to it.
  • Google Chrome - since I uninstalled Flash on my Mac, I need an alternative for viewing Flash content. The easiest way is to have Google Chrome as an alternative browser which have Flash integrated in it.
  • LittleSnapper - I use LittleSnapper for photo management. The reason I choose it over iPhoto is simplicity in editing for blog post. I also use this to collect photos, illustration, and screenshot. It’s very simple with elegant user interface.
  • MoneyWell - managing expense is one of my daily activity. MoneyWell has proven as one of the solid money management application on Mac. I have used it for the last 6 months and love it.
  • Notational Velocity - the most lightweight note taking apps. You can sync your notes by signing up to SimpleNote, another lightweight web-based apps.
  • The Unarchiver - there is nothing that I can’t unzip with it so far.
  • Tweetie - best twitter client for Mac made ever. There are countless of twitter client released every month, but Tweetie is still the best.

This is the core applications of mine. I use them. I don’t leave them for decoration.