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Shrike: Safari Extension for Cleaner Twitter

The first thing I do whenever Twitter launches their redesigned webpage is searching for a Safari extension that hides the clutters . I avoid noises by hiding the trending topics. I decide who to follow from the Retweets and Discovery Tab — not from machine generated recommendations pasted over the sidebar.

One of my favorite extension is Feather. I’ve recommended it on this blog several times for people who use Twitter web interface regularly. Since it hasn’t received any updates yet, I decided to build a Safari extension that hides away elements I don’t need.

I name it Shrike.

Shrike is a cute songbird known for its peculiar hunting method — by impaling its preys. I’m borrowing this badass’ name to illustrate my efforts of hunting down those elements with Safari Inspector.

No more recommendations, no more promoted tweets, no more trending topics. It’s just the timeline made of tweets from the people you follow.

You can download the extension from the Shrike GitHub Page.