A number of people have asked for this mod, searched this site for this mod, googled for this mod. I’m talking about the traffic lights or titlebar controls you have seen in my screenshot lately. The particular polished yet minimal titlebar controls mod for Snow Leopard.1

Minimal Traffic Lights

Modifying system theme is one of the way to express your taste. But, system theme is not something you can modify safely compared to modifying app theme. There are several things you should note down before applying this mod.

  • If you have other mod applied to your theme, make sure you have the mod package prepared.
  • Apply Stiijo Traffic Lights Mod first to ensure it doesn’t overwrite other themes.
  • You can always revert to Aqua theme using ThemePark under Theme menu, use it when you mess up.

I hope you enjoy this theme as much as I do because this is one of the mod I love the most. The minimal and simple approach that turn the whole interface more elegant.

To ensure that the theme is available whole time, I will post two links. Official will lead you to the forum where I get the theme, while alternative is the zip file including ThemePark. Please use the official link as a form of appreciation to the creator of this theme.

Download: Alternative

  1. To clarify, I actually planned to post last month, but didn’t do it due to post limit I set for myself each month. In other word, if you have information that can’t be found on this site, contact me.