Pirating Movies, Music, and Apps

Piracy is illegal. For tech savvy people, discovering pirated apps is like walking along the garden full of flowers and all they need to do is to pick.

Movies, Music, and Apps

Pirating is one thing. Pirating movies, music, and apps is different thing. Movies and music can’t be treated same as apps.

It’ll be a major problem for the publisher if you download or purchase pirated movies/music. The sole reason is the huge investment of money and time put into each project. Therefore, the publisher expect to reach ROI as soon as possible, so they can continue onto their next project.

On the other hands, developing apps requires time instead of fund. Developers can’t expect a large volume of sale once they launch their apps. They have to iterate their apps until the version 1.0. It takes time to reach their market and create their presence among their niche market.

Apps and Things

When you purchase a thing, be it computer or car, what you really purchase is the whole package of thing and customer support. The value within the thing itself is the material and expertise put into crafting the thing.

When you purchase an app, you’re not actually purchasing the app itself. What you really purchase is the developer’s service to maintain and keep developing the app. You pay for the customer support and the next version of the app. Developing apps is not a product-based business, it’s a service-based business.

Using Pirated Apps, Guilty or Not?

Definitely guilty, but let me state some common excuse why people use pirated apps. I’m not trying to justify pirating act, so don’t bother argue with me on this one.

  • It’s too expensive, I have no money: Fine, as long you’re someone who really can’t pay1 for the apps, make sure to purchase it once you receive bonus or extra income.

  • I don’t want to pay for it: This is a different case, if you can afford it and you don’t want to pay, now or later, I hope that no one will pay for your products or services. Let’s hope your screen doesn’t blow up while you’re reading this.

  • I thought all apps are free: Now that you know not all apps are free. If you insist all apps should be made for free, educate yourself a little and please, for humanity sake, don’t reproduce.

Just to remind you who read it. I have list of apps I plan to purchase. I’ve been using them for many months. I didn’t purchase it because I couldn’t afford it under certain circumtances. I have purchased Sparrow, Alfred, and Wren. And I’m going to purchase Reeder, MoneyWell, and Twitterrific.

If you can’t afford it now and choose to use pirated apps, it’s fine. But make sure to pay for the things you love once you can afford it.

  1. It means that you don’t have active income and live a bootstrapped life. It’s okay, cheer up.