What I’m Doing Now

You might be wondering what I’m doing now. “How is the progress with the book?”, or “Are you still writing on this blog?”.

It’s difficult to answer these questions because a lot of things happened at the beginning of 2015 that causes me to shift some of my priorities.

I have a few goals that I want to accomplish for the next two years, but there is only one goal I must accomplish.

Marrying my girlfriend. It’s the top priority on this list. Running this blog full-time is a risk that I can’t afford to take for now. I want to, at least, give her a wedding that she deserves.

Most of my time are now spent on working — day and night, but whenever I have few hours to spare in between, I’ll spend them on:

  • writing down ten ideas a day in Evernote.
  • keeping a daily journal to train my writing muscle.
  • reading books about creativity, business, and writing.
  • giving a phone call to my mom every week.
  • playing basketball to stay healthy after sitting for long hours.

Eventually, I’ll be back writing for this site and build a product you might use and buy one day. If you wish to support me, please share the articles you like on this site, and occasionally send me an email to remind me I have an awesome reader like you waiting for my next work.